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Titan Timbers Brochure

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Titan Timbers Comparison Chart

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Titan Timbers Warranty

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Timber Technologies Titan Timbers vs Competitor

In this video, we are demonstrating the strength of our Titan Timber vs our Competitors. We’ve proven that Glue is stronger than Nails when you consider Laminated columns. Our Titan Timbers are stronger, lighter and straight in comparison to nailed products.

Titan Timbers

See the clear strength advantage of the finger joint technology used to manufacture Titan Timbers vs. the gang plate method used by some competitors. Titan Timbers are the glue laminated posts, columns and beams manufactured by Timber Technologies, LLC. These posts, columns and beams are used in many building applications including post frame construction.

Timber Technologies Products and Process

Timber Technologies takes you on a tour, showcasing our products. Here you will see excellent examples of the structures that our Titan Timbers go into including, Agricultural Buildings, Airplane Hangars, Fair Exhibition Spaces, Specialty uses and Residential Structures. We’ve also included a segment on our new process. Timber Technologies is based in Colfax, WI and distributes product nationwide.

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